PIR Motion Sensors & Switches

New Products

PIR Motion Sensor
HC – 7B

• Unique sleek design

• Detection range 360◦

• Detection distance 6 m◦

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Smoke Alarm Sensor
HC – 81

• Unique sleek design

• Detection range 360◦

• Working Consumption < 10ma

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360º Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor HC-22

• 360°micro motion detectable

• Ceiling surface mount design

• Photo sensor inside

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Microwave Motion Sensor

• Microwave Based Motion Sensor

• Flush Mount

• Lux , Time & Sensitivity

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Microwave Motion Sensor

• Office Cabin

• Meeting halls / conference rooms

• Basement / ATM

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Light Control Photocell Sensor

• Weather Proof

• Lux Level Adjustable

• Control Unit With External Sensor

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360º Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Sensor HC-7BN

• Stand alone 220V AC operation

• LUX Level Control & Time Control

• Retrigger Function

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Energy Saving Smart Switch / Flush Mount Wall Switch HC-7CN

• Rest Room / Office cabins

• Lockers / Stairways

• Lifts / Toilets

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Occupancy Detector HC 26 With Remote

• 360°micro motion detectable

• Ceiling surface mount design

• Photo sensor inside for smart control

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Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Sensor With Light, HC-25A




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Microwave Pir Motion Sensor

• Conference Room / Meeting Halls

• Office / Stores

• ATM / Malls

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Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor, Weather Proof HC-15

• Suitable for outdoor use

• Wide Angle of 180 degree

• LUX & Time adjustment

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Lighting: Occupancy Sensors / Energy Saving Sensors

General Information

Occupancy sensors detect the presence or absence of people and turn lights on and off accordingly. They may reduce lighting energy consumption by 50 percent or more in some circumstances, but the savings for any given installed sensor can be much less. As a result, it's important to carefully consider a wide variety of issues before installing an occupancy sensor in any specific location.

They are used most effectively in spaces that are often unoccupied, including some offices, warehouses, storerooms, restrooms, loading docks, corridors, stairwells, office lounges, and conference rooms. Open-plan office spaces, where one or more people may be moving in and out throughout the course of the workday, are not good candidates for occupancy sensors.

What Are the Options?

The two most common sensor types are passive infrared, which require a direct line of sight to the movement of infrared (heat) sources, and ultrasonic, which detect any movement, human or otherwise (for example, curtains). read more

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Float Sensor is an electrical ON/OFF Switch, which operates automatically when liquid level goes up or down with respect to specified level. The Signal thus available from the Float Sensor can be utilized for control of a Motor Pump or an allied electrical element like Solenoid, Lamps.

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