PIR Motion Sensors & Switches

Halogen Lamps PIR Sensors HC-150W/500W

Model HC-150W / HC500W

The infrared induced lamp has an infrared detector within it. When the thermal body moving in the darkness the detector will light the lamp automatically and turn off after a period of time set in advance.


  • PIR Motion Sensor with Floodlight
  • Sensitivity control Option
  • LUX  & Time adjustment
  • Selectable sensitivity of the detector


Power Source


power Source

110-130V/AC   220-240V/AC   

Power Frequency


Rated Load

Max. 1200W (220-240V/AC)

Detection Distance:

5-12m (<24?) adjustable

Time Delay

10sec±3sec to 7min±2min(adjustable)

Ambient Light

< 3-2000LUX(adjustable)

Detection Motion Speed


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