PIR Motion Sensors & Switches

Energy Saving Auto-Switch LC-750 / 750S / 750T

LC-750 series is a state-of-the-art energy saving auto-switch with 3 different types of control function for different application.

This light control sensor switch can be mounted with the single switch box of 60.0 mm screw pitch. By utilizing IR-TEC's patented power supply technology, Solo series is able to activate various kinds of light with only 2-wire connection, exactly same as traditional wall switch.

  LC-750 LC-750S LC-750T
Single switch box recess mount 1 minute fixed delay time Built-in CdS photocell sensor Programmable TIME & LUX
Temperature compensation Full time control (no CdS) Programmable TIME & LUX Two-way control (resistive load only)
Super wide angle detection      
Superior RFI/EMI immunity      


Power supply

230 VAC

Maximum load


Delay time

LC-750:1 min., LC-750S/T: 8 sec.~6 min.

Infrared sensor

Dual element

Detectable speed

0.15~3 m/sec.

Mounting height

1.2~1.5 m

Mounting pitch

60.0 mm


-20C~50C (-4F~122F)


80 x 80 x 50 mm


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