Microwave Pir Motion Sensor

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Microwave Pir Motion Sensor HC-27

Microwave Pir Motion Sensor HC-27The product is a new Energy Saving Sensor, it adopts Microwave Sensor mould with high-frequency electro-magnetic wave (5.8Ghz) and integrated circuit. It gathers automatism, convenience, safety, saving-energy and practical functions. The wide detection field depends on detectors. It works by receving human motion. When one enters in the detection field, it can start the light load & when there is no active human presence the light will be deactivated automatically. It also automatically identify day and night. Its installation is very convenient. Detection is possible to go through doors, panes of glass or thin walls.


• Conference Room / Meeting Halls

• Office / Stores

• ATM / Malls

• Locker Rooms / Basements

• Corridors

• And Many More!!!


Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd. , is an ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Company , engaged in the manufacturing of Switches & Sensors for Security Alarm Systems , Magnetic Door Contacts, Magnetic Security Switches and host of other Sensors.

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PIR Sensors passive infrared detector that will give you the edges over the competition and secure your business contract in today's price oriented market. The company has a consistent record of growth and expansion with fast increasing sales turnover since its inception.

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Float Sensor is an electrical ON/OFF Switch, which operates automatically when liquid level goes up or down with respect to specified level. The Signal thus available from the Float Sensor can be utilized for control of a Motor Pump or an allied electrical element like Solenoid, Lamps.

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