Twin Photoelectric Beam Sensors 100 BQ  MTR

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Twin Photoelectric beam sensors 100 BQ  MTR

Twin Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Model:100M / 150M Twin Photoelectric Beam Sensor- 4 Channel  P/N:2PH-100BQ / 2PH-150B

This Twin photoelectric beam sensor may be accustomed observe presence of associate degree unwelcome person to a premises by employing a lightweight transmitter, infrared during this case, and a physical phenomenon receiver.

The beams arrangement consists of a receiver placed at intervals the line-of-sight of the transmitter. once associate degree object is detected the sunshine beam from the transmitter is blocked from aiming to the receiver, leading to associate degree alarm signal being sent to the device.


• 100 m / 150 m protection range for outdoor use. 150m / 300m for Indoor Use

• 4 channel selectable beam frequencies

• Double Modulation of the synchronized pulse beam

• A.G.C. ( Automatic Gain Control ) circuit

• Protection against Frost and Snow;Cut off visible rays effectively

• High Quality Aspherical Lens

• Adjustable beam interruption period. (50 msec~700 msec)

• Protection against Rain, Insects, and Dust

• Heating Unit (HT-150) as an optional part for extremely cold area

• IP Rate:IP 55

• CE Certificate

• FCC Certificate

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Twin Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Twin Photoelectric Beam Sensor Dimension

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