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Passive Infrared SenSwitch LC-780 / 780HD / 780LV

Passive Infrared SenSwitch LC-780 / 780HD / 780LV LC-780 series is a wide angle passive infrared SenSwitch designed to control indoor or outdoor lighting by sensing the presence of human body. Its unique mechanism design make it able to be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The adjustable sensor head provides easy mounting site selection and optimum detection adjustment. LUX and TIME controls are adjustable. The LC-780 is for general light control with less than 10 Amp load switching. The LC-780HD is for heavier lead up to 16 Amp load switching. The LC-780LV is a special model with low voltage power supply to switch the load up to 10 Amp.



• Wall/ceiling mount design

• Built-in photocell sensor

• Adjustable TIME & LUX control

• Works at 100 ~ 250 VAC

• IP45 Weatherproof protection

• Surface mount technology

• Sensor head tilt mechanism

• Superior RFI/EMI immunity


Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd. , is an ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Company , engaged in the manufacturing of Switches & Sensors for Security Alarm Systems , Magnetic Door Contacts, Magnetic Security Switches and host of other Sensors.

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PIR Sensors passive infrared detector that will give you the edges over the competition and secure your business contract in today's price oriented market. The company has a consistent record of growth and expansion with fast increasing sales turnover since its inception.

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Float Sensor is an electrical ON/OFF Switch, which operates automatically when liquid level goes up or down with respect to specified level. The Signal thus available from the Float Sensor can be utilized for control of a Motor Pump or an allied electrical element like Solenoid, Lamps.

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