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Microwave Pir Motion Sensor HC-27

Microwave Pir Motion Sensor HC-27
The product is a new Energy Saving Sensor, it adopts Microwave Sensor mould with high-frequency electro-magnetic wave (5.8Ghz) and integrated circuit. It gathers automatism, convenience, safety, saving-energy and practical functions. The wide detection field depends on detectors. It works by receving human motion. When one enters in the detection field, it can start the light load & when there is no active human presence the light will be deactivated automatically. It also automatically identify day and night. Its installation is very convenient. Detection is possible to go through doors, panes of glass or thin walls.


  • Conference Room / Meeting Halls
  • Office / Stores
  • ATM / Malls
  • Locker Rooms / Basements
  • Corridors
  • And Many More!!!


Detection Range 360°
Power Source 220-240V/AC
Power Frequency 50/60Hz
HF System

5.8GHz CW radar, ISM band  
Transmission Power <0.2mW
Rated Load Max.1200W & 300W
Detection Distance 1-8m (radius), adjustable
Time Delay 10 sec±3 sec to 12min±1min(adjustable)
Ambient Light <3-2000LUX(adjustable)
Detection Motion Speed 0.6-1.5m/s
Installation Height 1.5-3.5m
Power Consumption
Detection Speed 0.6 -1.5m/s

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