PIR Motion Sensor, Model: HC-22
PIR Motion Sensor in India

PIR Motion Sensor, Model: HC-22

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360 degree ceiling mount surface type PIR Motion sensor is fully automatic indoor sensor capable of controlling 2000W. When you enter the room, it turns on automatically the
lights to which it is connected & the lights remains lit as long as the ceiling sensor senses any activity in the room. It however will automatically turn off the light after the preset
turn off time is expired.


  • Meeting Halls / Conference Rooms
  • Office Cabins
  • Corridor
  • ATM / Malls
  • Store Rooms & Many More !!!


  • 360° motion detectable
  • Ceiling surface mount design
  • Photo sensor inside for smart control
  • Run-on time adjustable-Ambient lux.setting adjustable
Power requirement 220 ~ 240VAC / 50Hz
Rated Load 2,000W
Detection Angle 360°
Run-on time setting 10 sec. ~ 40 min
Ambient light setting 3 ~ 2000 Lux. (adjustable)
Warm-up time Approximately 1 minute
Working temp.
-20°C ~ + 40°C
Power consumption 1W maximum
Dimension (W*L*D) 105mmX105mmX60mm

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