PIR Motion Sensor With Led Lamp HC60
PIR Motion Sensors & Switches

PIR Motion Sensor With Led Lamp HC60

PIR Motion Sensor With Led Lamp HC60
This is an Energy Saving Automatic Sensor with LED lamp, adopting integrated circuit and precise detecting components. It will be switched ON the LED Lights when someone comes in the detection range of the sensors & light will goes off automatically once they leave the room. This unit is also suitable for security purpose.This sensor is having compact & excellent design.


  • Covered Parking Area
  • Back yard / Corridor
  • Stairways / Basement
  • Garage / Malls
  • Stores / Lifts
  • Semi Covered Terrace
  • And Many More!!!
Detection Range


Power Source 110-130V/AC   220V-240V/AC
Power Frequency 50Hz
Rated Load Max. 25W(12PCS LED)
Detection Range Max.12m (<24℃)
Time Delay 10sec±3sec to 7min±2min(adjustable)
Ambient Light <3-2000LUX(adjustable)
Detection Motion Speed 0.6-1.5m/s
Protection Class IP44

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